Trova Nova is a vocal work inspired by the Cuban traditions of Nueva Trova, Feelin’ as well as the folklore of the Cuban sound and Latin vocal groups of the 50s. It mischievously revisits a varied repertoire of gems of the genre enhanced with original compositions.

Met in Paris, they each travel to clubs and festivals with various groups and often cross paths in various musical projects. With Trova Nova they decided to pool their passion for the Latin vocal style with rich harmonies, poetic texts and a retro atmosphere.

Rosa Ines Villegas, the Franco-Colombian Gente Dame, sometimes lets herself be seduced by the crooner Carlos Miguel Hernandez, the Cuban Nat King Cole, sometimes by the mysterious “Johnny Guitare” with the suave voice that is Anthony Ho. Rafael Paseiro on bass and Abraham Manfarrol on percussion, both from Cuba, jealously accompany this lovely commotion.