"Groovy Latin-Jazzy"

Quarteto Rosa was a laboratory for Rosa, an expression of her concerns, of the different personalities and musical cultures that she encountered  in her life.

Having understood different musical styles thanks to her roots and her encounters, Rosa Ines develops here an open project with arrangements favoring the free expression of each protagonist and their free exchange without constraint of style, although their common language is jazz.

Met in Paris, in the diversity of its clubs, they are each a sample of the talents that express themselves in the city, all generations combined: Bibi Louison from Martinique, Lukmil Perez from Cuba, Leonardo Montana from Brazil, Joan Eche Puig from Lyon , Julien Lallier, Arthur Allard, Therese Henry and Julie Saury, will in turn put their personal touch to the compositions and arrangements of the Parisian Franco-Colombian.

The different colors that mix in the quartet’s palette offer a universe like that in which its protagonists move on a daily basis: mixed, original, dreamlike, organic, warm and lively which inspires and retro fuels the compositions and arrangements.

The songs in French, Spanish or English, the harmonies and the rhythms speak to the heart of man: love, the earth, the stars, his existence in constant mutation, in constant becoming…

The Quartet will play in Paris, in festivals and will even tour Mexico in 2012 for the release of the album.

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